We have in-house knowledge for all corporate legal formalities. Our team assures that all legal formalities are taken care of and that you are informed when important updates occur.

In addition, given our strong diverse background, we can help you deal with complex legal issues. Together with your legal expert and/or our partners, we can tackle any challenge.

Our service has solutions for every step in your growth phase: from the startup (AGM minutes, business plan, shareholder agreements…) to the scale-up (GT&C, inter-company transactions, branch formalities…) till the maturity phase (legal due diligence, termination agreement, liquidation procedure,… ) 

As a client centric company, we work in a way that works best for you. You can contact us as soon as you have a doubt, question and we can work with you for the best fitted solution. 

We want to be the first advisor of our client and you can always speed-dial us for your questions.

Working with our Red Tape team will feel like dancing in a field with daisies. 

We see that our processes are in line with your needs and that we tackle the issues that are important to you.